Tue. May 30th, 2023

Citizen ordered laptop online but then received what? know

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) Customers from India’s e-commerce platform ‘Flipkart’ are continuously complaining of receiving useless items instead of what they wanted. Now another such complaint has come forward, in which a man had ordered a laptop, but a large stone and some scrap wood were found in the package.

According to India Times, the victim’s name is Chinmaya Ramana, a resident of the city of Mangaluru in the state of Karnataka, who told people about the hand dealt to her on Twitter. In her tweet, Chinmaya wrote, “I bought Flipkart Ordered a laptop on Diwali sale from and received the package today, out of which came a large stone and some broken electronics.

Chinmaya also shared pictures of the items out of the box and screenshots of the purchase from Flipkart. Chinmaya wrote in the tweet, “Today I regret every time I made a decision to buy from Flipkart and decided that I will never order anything from Flipkart in my life. I would advise people the same because when something like this happens, Flipkart doesn’t even help you and you are completely helpless.”

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