Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband attacked with a hammer

Washington (Daily Pakistan Online) The husband of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been attacked. According to the media, the attacker attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer this morning.

According to the private TV Geo News, the American media says that the condition of 82-year-old Paul Pelosi is out of danger, the attacker is in police custody and the police investigation is ongoing to find out the reason for the attack. According to foreign media reports, Paul Pelosi has undergone surgery for a fractured head and deep lacerations to her left arm, Speaker Nancy Pelosi told her husband before the operation.

According to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s spokesperson, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has left Washington for San Francisco, we hope that Paul will recover very soon. According to media reports, Paul Pelosi called the police at the time of the incident and the phone It was kept uncut so that the person in front could hear their conversation with the intruder.

San Francisco police say that when the police arrived at the home of Nancy Pelosi, the attacker was attacking with a hammer, after which the police immediately stopped and arrested him. The police say that the motive of the attack is still unknown. Nothing can be said, but it is suspected that the assailant entered the house with the intention of attacking Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but she was not at home.

According to police, after entering the home, the attacker yelled at least twice to ask where Nancy was, after which she said, “I’ll wait until she comes back.”

The police believe that this may be an incident of political violence, but a final opinion can be established only after the investigation of the incident. He said that this is a very extreme act. Now our politicians should think about the consequences before choosing their statements and words. He said that we should all condemn hatred and extremism. Should.

Nancy Pelosi is a leading member of the United States Democratic Party and the Speaker of the House of Representatives. She was married to Paul Pelosi in 1963 and they have 5 children.

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