Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

To face harassment charges for accidentally touching Nora Fathi during the dance…

Mumbai (Monitoring Desk) Two years ago, Indian male dancer and choreographer Terence Lewis accidentally touched the body of famous dancer Noora Fathi during a TV show, on which social media users made a lot of noise and Terence Lewis. But accused of sexual harassment. After such a long time, Terrence Lewis has also spoken about this incident. According to India Times, while talking on Manish Paul’s podcast, Terrence Lewis has said that it was a normal situation. Even if my hand touched Nora Fathi, I don’t even remember now.

Terrence Lewis said, “This episode of Dance India Dance featured Shatrughan Sinha and his wife as guests. Geeta Kapoor said that we should welcome him with full Namaskar. Meanwhile, I unintentionally touched Nora and I didn’t even realize it. When our video clip went viral on social media, I realized it, but it was a completely involuntary act.

It should be noted that Noora Fathi’s reaction to this incident was revealed on the same day. When criticism started on social media, Nora Fathi wrote in one of her posts that “I am happy that Terrence Lewis was not bothered by the memes and criticism on social media and supported me in the best possible way.” I am honored to work with Terence as a judge on the reality show. Learned a lot by working with the Dance India dance team. After this statement by Nora Fathi, the criticism of Terence Louis died down.

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