Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Investigation continues, Journalist Arshad Sharif had dinner with his friend at the lodge…

Nairobi, Islamabad (Daily Pakistan Online) It has been revealed that there were no cameras in the lodge where the senior journalist Arshad Sharif, who was killed in Kenya, had dinner with his friend.

According to the private TV channel Express News, the investigation of the Pakistani fact-finding team in Kenya on the killing of senior journalist late Arshad Sharif is ongoing. The team also visited the eating place of the Kenyan authorities and examined the vehicle affected by the shooting.

The investigation team asked Khurram Ahmad questions about the firing, Khurram Ahmed said that he was scared when the shots were fired, and immediately called Waqar Ahmed, that he was being chased even after the firing, on which the car started to drive away. When asked to reach the farm, it was 22 km away from the crime scene.

Another person, Waqar Ahmed, said that after his brother’s call, he himself went to the farm, on the way he called the Kenyan police and a Pakistani friend to give details. When he reached there, Arshad Sharif’s body was in the car.

The sources of Waqar Ahmed say that until that time the police fired on the vehicle, it was not known or suspected, Waqar Ahmed said that after my arrival, the Kenyan police officials also reached there and collected evidence.

The team also rehearsed the entire incident in the light of the investigation, sources say that it was revealed that there were no cameras in the lodge where Arshad Sharif and his friend had dinner.

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