Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

India’s emergency decision to buy drones to spy on Pakistan

New Delhi (Web Desk) The Modi government has decided to urgently buy drones to spy on the border areas, especially Pakistan.

According to Express News

According to news agencies, Indian military sources have confirmed that tenders have been issued for the purchase of 750 drones under the fast-track option given to the defense forces by the government. Indian media say that the purpose of emergency purchase of drones is an attempt to further strengthen the force of special forces.

Tenders have been issued a few days ago for the emergency purchase of 750 drones by the Indian Army. These drones will be handed over to the Parachute (Special Forces) Battalion of the Indian Army. Indian military sources say that the (RPAV) drones that have been decided to be procured are capable of operating in all kinds of conditions and finding their target.

It should be noted that the Indian Army will be able to use the 3D images obtained by this particular RPAV drone in special missions to target its target.

Local media, quoting Indian military sources, have claimed that the purpose of purchasing these latest drones is apparently to monitor and counter Pakistan’s growing activities along the border.

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