Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

“You have nothing to do with Pakistan-China relations”, Chinese foreign policy expert Yun …

Washington (Daily Pakistan Online) Director of the China Program at the Stimson Center “Yun Sen” says that “China believes that the United States should not pressure China and Pakistan to renegotiate Beijing’s debts, nor should Pakistan and China. Relationships should be criticized”.

According to “Dawn Newspaper”, speaking at a 2-day seminar on Pakistan-US relations, Chinese foreign policy expert “Yun Sen” said that Pakistan’s relations with the US were an element of China’s overall strategy for South Asia. But China is confident that China’s relationship with Pakistan is improving, regardless of the scale of the US-Pakistan relationship, Yun Sen said when asked if the US had suggested that Pakistan renegotiate its debt with Beijing. We should discuss, what is China’s reaction to this? He said that America has nothing to do with it.

However, he said that China, Pakistan is also adjusting or resetting its policy and expectations especially regarding CPEC. should rebalance its foreign strategy, it is a welcome move that Pakistan is re-engaging with the US.

Yun Sen said that this change in Pakistan’s expectations and external alignment strategy has been widely accepted in China.

He said that the Chinese did not believe that the restoration of US-Pakistan relations would affect China’s interests in the region because India was still there, while CPEC would remain one of the most important campaigns, no matter what people thought about it. Why don’t I feel the same way?

Regarding China’s response to Pakistan-US relations, he said that it mostly depends on what the US says rather than what Pakistan says. It is said that America intends to sabotage Pakistan-China relations and has urged Washington not to criticize Pakistan-China relations.

However, Pakistan’s ambassador to Washington, Masood Khan, explained how the end of the war in Afghanistan provided an opportunity for Pakistan and the US to restart their relationship. In his keynote speech at the two-day conference organized by CSSPR, he said that in the past, the American policy was based on regional balance, the relations between Pakistan and the United States have now been linked to India and Afghanistan. The technological age is engaged in reconfiguring and re-energizing a broad-based relationship.

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