Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

Are there really police stations abroad? China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs…

Beijing (Daily Pakistan Online) China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said that the offices established in the Netherlands were not police stations but centers to help Chinese citizens renew their documents. The statement comes after the Dutch government ordered their closure amid an investigation into their activities.

The Dutch government announced last week that it would investigate whether Beijing-run offices were operating illegally without official diplomatic status.

The Chinese embassy in The Hague later denied allegations that a Chinese office had also harassed an anti-China resident in the Netherlands.

On Tuesday, Dutch Foreign Minister Voopke Hoekstra tweeted that no permission had been sought from the Netherlands to open the offices, so the Dutch foreign ministry informed the Chinese ambassador that they should be closed. When asked about the Dutch investigation and whether China informed the Netherlands about the stations, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian dismissed the allegations.

The organizations you mentioned are not police stations or police service centers, they are meant to help local Chinese citizens who are about to expire their driver’s licenses, Zhao told a regular briefing in Beijing on Wednesday. Need to apply for line renewal.

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